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Time fuse

At Efirer,we connect the time fuse with fast fuse according our customer require.The hot sale is 2second series(0,2s,4s,6s,8s,10s,12s,14s, 16s,18s) and 3second series(0,3s,6s,9s,12s,15s,18s,21s,24s).Use this kind excellent time fuse combination can save much time and igniter in the show zone.We cut the time fuse by machine,it is the best way to control the time fuse length,then control the time excellent.It used in the tradition show mostly,but now some muisc fireworks show also use our product,because our time fuse combination have exact delay time to 1second.Need more detail, pls inform us.

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What we have found with all manufacturers we have tested, compared to Efirer, is:

1) Cut the time fuse by hand,the delay time's accuracy can not promise.

2)Use the paper adhesive tape,it is no-waterproof

3)The fast use is too short between the time fuse.

4)No electric igniter connector.

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