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Firing System

Efirer Firing System are widely used all over the world. The following are some of the events we had attended.2008 Beijing Olympics games fireworks show.The 1st-4th sessions of Shanghai International Musical Fireworks Festival; Fireworks Display for Shanghai APEC Conference; Large-scale Fireworks Display for the China’s Application for 2010 World expo in Shanghai;International Fireworks Competition in Canada; International Fireworks Competition in Ao’men of China; The 100th anniversary ceremony of Qingdao Beer; Chongqing Asia-Pacific region in 2005 the summit of mayors of large fireworks going off Etc.Quality determines the market.

Consumer firing system

It is very easy to use and reliable.Now you can ignite your fireworks like the pros. With Firing System combined with our safety fuse igniters, you can put on a dramatic fireworks display. Plus you get to watch your displays just like your guests! Now there is no longer any reason to hand light your displays.

Safety fuse igniter firing system 01
Safety fuse igniter firing system 02
Safety fuse igniter firing system 03
Safety fuse igniter firing system 04
Safety fuse igniter firing system 05
Safety fuse igniter firing system 06
Safety fuse igniter firing system 07
Safety fuse igniter firing system 08
Professional firing system

Use advanced CPU digitized circuit design, the control over digital accumulative time, grouping time, and group number is accurate. This igniter has two work modes: step ignition, freewill ignition.

Professional firing system 01
Professional firing system 02
Professional firing system 03
Professional firing system 04
Professional firing system 05
Professional firing system 06
Professional firing system 07
Professional firing system 08


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