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Fiberglass Mortars

At Efirer we offer the best in mortars.Our fiberglass mortars are light to carry and are durable for all use.The mortars are color-coded to make it easier to keep track of them when loading fireworks. If a shell detonates in a fiberglass mortar, the tube tends to shred and tear, and is much safer than metal tubes or PVC (which should never be used in fireworks, because it can produce dangerous shrapnel).Here are more advantages:

-Brush oil on the tube(very shine and durable)
-Different caliber,different color(easy to loading)
-Countless configuration with calibers

Fiberglass Mortar description


Out Diameter

Inner Diameter Total Length+Base Base Thickness Total weight
50mm   52.6mm 51mm 400mm 24mm 0.4kg
75mm 79mm 76mm 450mm 24mm 0.7kg
100mm 103.5mm 100mm 550mm 27mm 1.35kg
125mm 129mm 125mm 800mm 30mm 2.78kg
150mm 156mm 152mm 900mm 35mm 3.8kg
200mm 208mm 203mm 1100mm 47mm 7.5kg
250mm 260.5mm 254mm 1200mm 63mm 15kg
300mm 316mm 204mm 1300mm 100mm 18kg
400mm 422mm 402mm 1600mm 130mm 46kg

Fiberglass mortar 01 Fiberglass mortar 02 Fiberglass mortar 03 Fiberglass mortar 04

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