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Talon Igniter

Each Talon igniter clips securely to the visco delay fuse of the firework. They are very reliable and do not contain any pyrotechnic material. This means they are safe to use, and we can ship them anywhere in the world.

These are single use devices. Once they burn out and electrically ignite the firework, they must be discarded.

As a professional factory to produce fireworks firing equipment, the quality can be 100% promise. Hope can be one of you supplier.

Item name


Carton size Gross weight
0.6m Talon igniter 10/200 63X33X21cm 13kg
1m Talon igniter 10/100 63X33X21cm 9kg
3m Talon igniter 10/80 63X33X21cm 13kg
5m Talon igniter 10/50 63X33X21cm 13kg
7m Talon igniter 10/50 63X33X21cm 17kg

Safetyigniter 1m Talon safety igniter 3m Talon safety igniter 5m Talon safety igniter

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