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Efirer Fireworks department introduction

For more than 12years fireworks firing equipment business from 2004, our company have very good reputation in fireworks firing equipment market. The best quality and best service is our target. In 2015, there are three customers want me to do some works for their fireworks business. One customer need the CE certificate and the others need the EX number. By our hard work, we exported 12 fireworks containers for them successful. All have good feedback until now. They want me do more works in 2016.

Though analysis of Liuyang fireworks suppliers, any fireworks factory can not produce all kinds of fireworks, and different factory have different effects, if customer need best quality and different kinds of fireworks, they need a Liuyang department do more works for them. It is the best choice to save time, cost and energy.

In the end of 2015, we plan to build a new department for fireworks. Liuyang Efirer fireworks department is built. Our work is offer all kinds of fireworks, offer the suitable fireworks, offer the reasonable price, offer the best service, do the quality control for customer. We will send the QC report and QC video of any order items to customer before shipping. Then customer know what they would get.

It is the Liuyang Efirer Fireworks Department !!!!!!!!

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Firing Equipment department E-mail : easyfirer@163.com

Fireworks department E-mail: efirerfireworks@163.com

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