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At Efirer,the confetti work by compressed Nitrogen gas, the Nitrogen is stabilization in the bottom bottle.Useing this gas the confetti expiration date is two years.The confetti launches small beautiful paper when you twist its base.You can make the shine paper shape design when you order.Every year we produce about 100,000carton for customer accroding they design,the shine paper shape such as heard,five star,round,lantern,clubs and so on. Also we use the flame retardant paper and colorfast paper,it is safety and environment protection.

Item name


Carton size Gross weight
80cm confetti 25/1 80X25X25cm 13kg
70cm confetti 25/1 70X25X25cm 11kg
60cm confetti 30/1 60X30X25cm 12kg
50cm confetti 30/1 50X30X25cm 9.5kg
40cm confetti 50/1 50X40X25cm 13kg
30cm confetti 50/1 50X30X25cm 12kg
25cm confetti 60/1 39X25X23.5cm 9kg
20cm confetti 90/1 58.5X20X23.5cm 10kg
80cm parachute 25/1 80X25X25cm 10kg

Confetti photo

Mix color flameproof colorfast paper Pink flameproof colorfast paper Light blue flameproof colorfast paper Red metallic cofetti Green metallic cofetti Purple metallic cofetti
Firing the confetti Metallic butterfly shape Metallic confetti shape Metallic confetti tube Paper confetti tube

What we have found with all manufacturers we have tested, compared to Efirer, is:

1) The gas is not Nitrogen gas,so the expiration date is small, some time one year or half year. 

2) The paper not flame retardant paper and colorfast paper

3) The shine paper have not so much shape.

4)Our confetti had pasted CE.

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